Point and click on the go

Perhaps integrating similar and/or related services will improve Google Street View?

Geovector, Cybermap local search solution for mobile phones
Geovector, a provider of pointing based search solutions, and CyberMap Japan, owner of mapping services provider Mapion, have launched Mapion Pointing Application 2.0, called Mapion Pointing Appli, for mobile phones in Japan. This upgrade reportedly transforms Mapion's existing Geovector pointing mobile search service into a fully commercial application. Mapion Pointing Application allows users to easily find and launch content by pointing and clicking mobile phones at retailers, restaurants, historical sites or any of Mapion's 700,000 Points of Interest (POI) across Japan. The service combines Mapion's POI data with Geovector's pointing based technology and spatial search engine. The new release include features such as user driven opt-in advertising, sponsored categories and preferred placement. The service was initially launched over the KDDI network in January 2006, and is now available for download with Sony Ericsson models W32S, W41S, W44S and W51S phones, the W41K by Kyocera, the W42CA by Casio; and in July, with the W52S from Sony Ericsson. [source]

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