My dog ate my decency...

A Belgian businessman rejected a Nigerian job applicant because the businessman said his own dog was racist and would bite non-whites, Belgian media reported on Saturday. The 53-year-old man Nigerian told De Standaard newspaper he arrived at the Belgian's wrought-iron business and was immediately confronted by the barking dog. The Belgian turned the man away before he could even enter, and wrote on his labour office letter that he could not hire the man because of his colour, adding there was a risk the dog would bite him. The local labour office has concluded that the Belgian was racist and has removed him from its list of potential employers. "My dog is racist. Not me," the Belgian told De Standaard. The Nigerian, who has lived in Belgium for 32 years, said it was not the first time he had been rejected for a job because of his colour, although other employers had been more subtle. He told the newspaper that he did not wish to lodge a formal complaint because he did not wish his family in Nigeria to hear about the case. [source]

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Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I had a racist dog once. We rescued him from a dog pound and were illegally keeping him in my dorm room for a week until we went home. It was at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, which provides free tuition for native Americans. He only barked when native Americans walked by (he didn't discriminate between tribes). It was strange.

Fran Barone said...

Perhaps this phenomenon is worthy of further exploration?

Anonymous said...

LMAO! This is an excellent blog. An anthropologist with a sense of humour. I'm going to visit more often from now on. Keep it up.

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