Please leave a comment on a relevant blog post to get in touch. You can also try me at @frnnr or the Open Anthropology Cooperative (join us!). You can read more about me and my academic work here.

Product reviews

I review web-based products and services, especially new and inventive social media start-ups, academic tools for qualitative or quantitative research, open access/open source community-building apps, mash-ups, remixes and anything doing genuinely new stuff with RSS feeds. I will usually only review free products or free versions (not limited trials, because I am not likely to recommend them). My reviews are aimed at anthropologists, researchers and academics as well as my cohort of geeks willing to experiment with new things and always tweaking the web to suit their often fleeting needs. Got something that will help me to manage information and web-based research data? Please drop me a line or leave a comment and we’ll talk.


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