Francine Barone

Bio: social anthropologist (PhD), atheist, geek, webist, and information pack rat from New York. I believe that humans are innately technological and that technology is inevitably human.

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About Analog/Digital

This blog is for my commentary, analysis and rants on subjects including, but not limited to, the broad fields of anthropology, ethnography, technology, web research, higher education and academia. It will detail my encounters with new technologies, media, communication tools and the web, focusing on how the human engagement with machines shapes our social, cultural and physical environments.


The Blog (2008) began as Ethblography (2006), created at the start of my PhD program to express my thoughts and experiences throughout my research/fieldwork. After completing my PhD, I refreshed my blog with new intentions. There is now less division between the things that I enjoy reading and sharing on the web and that which makes academic fodder. On Analog/Digital (2010), I hope that these will converge more often than not. My regular readers should be prepared for more half-formed ideas, experimentation and random links from around the web, alongside occasional bouts of earnest scholarship.

No added promises.

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