Confronting race and racism in anthropology

The latest issue of Anthropologies containing a collection of short pieces on race and racism is now available. Check out the table of contents below for the complete list of articles including my own submission on the public perception of anthropology and race (with a hint of the digital). I recommend reading the entire issue which offers a good mix of personal anecdotes from life and stories from the field as well as hard-hitting academic commentary. Standouts include Ryan Anderson's intro, and Doug La Rose and Steve Bunce's papers, which go beyond simply rehashing American ideas about race. All of the pages are open to comments and discussion, so let's keeping talking about race and/in anthropology.

Confronting Race & Racism
May 2013


Ryan Anderson

Agustin Fuentes

Nicole Truesdell

Francine Barone

Douglas La Rose

Candace Moore

Steven Bunce


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