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There's a lot of commentary about the UK riots at present and it's odd for me to view England from afar after so many years there. In the wake of other protests around the world, much ado is again being made about the power of social media in these circumstances. This video aptly covers some of the pertinent bases. Will the UK shut down any communication channels? Would/will it help or hurt efforts to curtail the violence? As much as social media clearly plays a role in organizing rioting mobs, to me one of the most anthropologically significant aspects of this unfolding drama is the volunteer clean-up effort. As seen from the USA, the anti-rioters' organized street-cleaning constitutes a most peculiarly British English counter-expression of frustration and response to the helplessness.

via >Click (BBC News), who prevent the embedding of this video for no fathomable reason. What gives?


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