New: Anthropology Blogs via Twitter

Further to an earlier post announcing my collection of the best anthropology blogs on the web, you can now receive notifications of the latest blog updates via Twitter. Just follow @nthro.

There have been well over 3,000 hits on the collection since I created it, so I'm pleased that others have found it useful. Some of the blogs that appear in this feed include Savage Minds, Culture Matters, Anthropology in Practice (and The Urban Ethnographer), ethnografix, Neuroanthropology, Somatosphere, media/anthropology, Material World, Anthropologist in the Attic, and even Analog/Digital. There are plenty more on various subjects (including a couple in Spanish), and certainly a few that you haven't yet discovered. I'm always adding new blogs as I come across them.

Links from @nthro will redirect you to the original source, but don't forget to check back on the Collected page to view all the latest posts in one place. Check out the alternative view (pictured below) for speedy browsing.



Ryan Anderson said...

super cool fran. your collected site is great.

Fran Barone said...

Thanks, Ryan. Yeah, it turned out even more useful than I expected!

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