An interesting offer from SAGE Publications to advertise new anthropological releases on the Open Anthropology Cooperative has been presented by OAC member Harriet Baulcombe.

Inspired by the possibility of giving all members the opportunity to engage with new and innovative works in anthropology, the admin team proposes that we go beyond advertising new titles and encourage the establishment of an OAC Reviews section. In a continued spirit of interaction and collaboration, we are therefore looking for volunteers to take on the role of OAC Reviews Editor as well as a team of book reviewers. The team will have the continued support of the admins in getting started, setting up a new forum for OAC Reviews-related discussion and organizing the reviews process.

You can read (and respond to) the full announcement here.

Almost one year ago, just as the OAC was experimentally setting up on Ning, I ventured that with enough like-minded individuals, we could come together to efface the boundaries between official academic channels and the informal 'academy' already mixing freely and collaboratively around the web. Less than a year since its launch, membership now well exceeds 3,000 anthropologists, enthusiasts and interdisciplinary researchers. Many OAC members have been inspired to take on additional responsibilities within the network by running groups, launching their own blog series in addition to building up networks of professional and informal contacts.

Along with our active forums, groups, member blogs, the OAC Press, and Seminar series - and in light of continuing discussion about the future of the OAC and its role within anthropology as a whole - a book reviews section will add yet another diversifying element to our efforts. The opportunity to host book reviews has exciting potential to allow more people to take part in collaboration between members as well as academic publishers. If it proves successful, our reviews and our network of researchers can have a wider impact on the dissemination of anthropological knowledge to a broad audience.

We'd would really like to hear from new voices who would like to devote time to organizing an initiative with large scope and room for expansion. Feel free to publicize this call for reviewers around your respective departments or use the invite function if you're already a member. If you haven't visited the OAC yet, but book reviews sound like something you want to take part in, join us and have a look around. The site is easy to use, friendly and these volunteer positions – like the Cooperative itself - are open to all.


Stacy Hope said...

Hi Fran,
Thanks for posting this. I am now the new OAC Reviews Editor, and will be preparing a similar announcement for the OAC page.
Were you considering a position as a reviewer? If so, please find my contact details below.

All the best,

Stacy Hope
Reviews Editor,
Open Anthropology Cooperative Press

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