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I'm a Social Anthropologist currently exploring the relationship between technology and contemporary urban life in Spain. I'm based in the UK at the moment, but will shortly be leaving for "the field". My location will hopefully be a small town in northeastern Spain. More on that later. I hope that this blog will prove useful in a number of contexts. Firstly, in my pre-fieldwork stage, I feel that it's always important to be open to comments from both anthropologists and non-anthropologists regarding my research plans. I feel that opening up dialogue into ethnographic research is an important but under-represented practice. Secondly, there are many 'things' (ideas, concepts, facts, events, stories) which present themselves in the course of research that strike me as interesting - usually when exploring an unexpected tangent - that I'd like to record in some form for future reference. I think that a blog is a good place for that. Finally, since my research centers around the ways in which different forms of Internet-related technology are used on a daily basis, this is also a form of participant observation. (A future post on "virtual ethnography" is needed.)

In the process of developing this blog, I've also had the priviledge of introducing myself to the existing blogosphere of anthropological knowledge. I am looking forward to joining in. However, this is not a blog for other anthropologists, but rather for anyone who would like to comment. I hope that my posts will cover a wide range of topics. I'd be very interested to get feedback from Spaniards (from all regions) on these themes and issues. I therefore welcome your comments.


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