Finally, a few new photos

With my PhD submission behind me, I am thankfully now able to occasionally leave the house again. These photos were taken on one such expedition into the Kent countryside a few days ago. I've uploaded them to my Flickr account, which has been collecting dust for several years. I'm probably the only anthropologist without a camera, but this is set to change in the near future (thanks, Mom!). You can also preview the latest from my Flickr photostream in the sidebar on the right.



A colorful history


Winter walk

Thanks to Paul for letting me borrow his camera to take these few shots. You can see his photos here.


Unknown said...

Your Welcome.
Great Pics!

I'm glad you finally have some time to enjoy the beautiful countryside, but I still look forward to when you can take some pics here at home.

Miss you and Love you,

Ryan Anderson said...

cool. i like that pic of the tiles and the grass. nice one.

Fran Barone said...

Thanks, Ryan :)

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