Welcome to Analog/Digital (http://analogdigital.us)

The decision to move to a new domain and upgrade the appearance of this site has been pending for over a year, but I have consistently been sidetracked by other commitments. Continued time pressures at present will inevitably result in a staggered launch with new content to follow soon.

The technical stuff

The design changes are mainly aesthetic (a fresh coat of paint), including improved navigation (new menu bar, dual sidebars). I also provide more links to my other content from around the web (Del.icio.us, Twitter, Flickr, Collected.info, OAC) and new page elements featuring recent comments from readers like you. Under the hood, the code is better composed than the previous, ancient (in internet terms) site layout, which means faster page loads.

The re-design was therefore motivated by practical and infrastructural as well as aesthetic concerns. This page should now be compliant with all browsers and resolutions (although it is optimized for resolutions 1024x768 and higher).

More good news is that old page links should still work. You will, however, need to update your RSS feed readers to be sure that you’re receiving the latest content. Click here for the new posts feed, or follow the links at the top of the page next to the RSS icon.

While I am still tweaking, papering the walls, laying the carpets, etc, please feel free to let me know if anything looks forgotten or irreparably broken.

Why Analog/Digital?

Analog/Digital reflects my perception of new technologies as continuous with existing lifestyles. We are all perpetually skirting the line between now and then, past and future, analog and digital. My efforts at contributing to an anthropology of the internet and web-based media take this on board as the starting point for understanding the ongoing human engagement with technology.

I hope that you will find these site changes to be an overall improvement. As my personal and thesis-writing schedules calm down, I will be adding new content that has been waiting half-finished in a queue of unpublished posts for far too long.

[Image: steampunk synthesizer. Source.]


Ryan Anderson said...

I like the new name and look of the site...and I hear you about trying to get to those posts that are sitting around waiting to get finished!

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