The fun part of past projections of miraculous household devices of the future is how they are always cloaked in technologies of the time, like the stunning circuit board feature in this video. The computers here are even discussed as sentient beings that can inform their owners and be informed of transactions. Particularly endearing is how the wife's machine is designed for child monitoring and home-shopping, while the husband's machines are designed for finance, record-keeping and worldwide communication. Still, this is a pretty accurate (for its time) rendition of what the Internet would be like, only without any real notion of cyberspace or a concept of digital storage. I think you will agree that the acting is exceptional (especially the simulated print scene).

I had to add this second video of the technology as it was realized a couple of decades later, when computers had finally matured to "tools of the human spirit". The electronic screen means you're connected ... to a computer network called "Internet".

For more insight into the true evolution of the web (read: hilarity will ensue), I recommend reading the comments on YT for each of these videos.


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