A brief history of the future

I'm really interested in the time line of technologies that have come into existence, become horrendously popular household necessities, and then faded into oblivion (especially those which have completed the cycle in the course of my lifetime). It's probably the slightly awkward nostalgia it inspires that peaks my interest. In thinking back, I can't help but also imagine 10 or 20 years (or months or weeks or days) into the future. Changes in size, shape and aesthetics of what is desirably "modern"; requirements for usability and portability; how personal and social aspirations are fulfilled/fueled by products and, especially, by marketing; these are all recurring patterns.

Even recent technological innovations have their own time line, their own essence, their own life. And when they die, I think we all collectively weep a little ... at least on our way to the next set of shiny toys.

A trip down memory lane ...


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